Way Beyond Skiing Videos

The Need to Establish Trust

Heli-skiing appeals to adventurers who want more than just the standard ski experience. This pursuit takes a commitment, though, both in the form of travel and monetary investment. Newcomers want assuredness and have many questions: Who runs this place? What’s it like? Is the operation trustworthy? Those who’ve skied with Crescent Spur already know—but how could we convey these notions to the unindoctrinated? more

Let’s Get Personal

Most of us feel more comfortable, when buying from someone we know. With this in mind, we asked the people at Crescent Spur to essentially “invite” prospective customers into their world, through a series of behind-the-scenes videos. In these, we’d document the people and practices involved in this unique operation.

Subject matter ranged from safety and helicopter maintenance, to kitchen prep and the history of the operation. Personal narrations then conveyed the organization’s commitment and purpose.

Putting it All Together

Over the span of 6 days, we shot and (roughly) edited 10 vignettes, on site. Upon returning to our studio, we ran the videos through post-production and started releasing them. The pieces have been well received, with long-standing Crescent Spur skiers responding positively to the stories. Meanwhile, prospective customers are also able to witness the benefits of choosing this boutique operator, run by such incredibly passionate people.


Situated between the Cariboo and Rocky Mountains, Crescent Spur Heli-Skiing has been operating since 1992. This video offers a backstage look at the preparation that goes into every season of heli-skiing and heliboarding—watch to find out what happens at the lodge, before the guests arrive.

Each day of heli-skiing and heliboarding requires balancing multiple safety factors. In this video we see how Crescent Spur staff and guests both have a critical role to play in safety.

It takes a lot of practice and skill to be able to fly safely through mountains. Let’s look at how pilots contribute to creating exciting, and safe, heli-skiing experiences at Crescent Spur.

Guides have the ability to significantly influence a guest's experience, regardless of the sport. Discover how the role of a Crescent Spur heli-ski guide extends far beyond the skiing.

Many lodges have their own mascot. The one at Crescent Spur is known for its positive demeanor and unwavering affection. Meet Tuffy and learn why he is beloved by all who get to know him.

In the off-season, the lodge at Crescent Spur undergoes varying degrees of transformation by the owners and operators, Regina and Mark Aubrey. Watch this video to discover how the lodge has become an ongoing labour of love.

Preparing for a day of heli-skiing is a complex and sensitive task; monitoring the day's progress is just as critical. In this video we explore how the Crescent Spur staff stay on top of every excursion.

One of the only ways to get to remote ski terrain is by helicopter. This video highlights some of the intricate workings of the Crescent Spur Bell 205 helicopter.

After an intense day in the mountains, heli-skiers tend to work up a hearty appetite. Get a first-hand look at how the Crescent Spur chefs create gourmet, yet healthy, meals using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Regina and Mark Aubrey love wilderness skiing, and have worked in the ski touring industry for years. Watch this video to find out what keeps them passionate about what they do.


  • Consulting, analysis, and planning
  • Creative concept and design direction
  • On-site video work
  • Post production & delivery

Key Benefits

  • Shows the benefits of a boutique heli-ski operation
  • Introduces the people who own and operate Crescent Spur
  • Connects with future audiences of heli-skiers/boarders
  • Provides content for website, blog, and Facebook


  • Ten videos act as knowledge base for potential customers
  • Template for creating additional behind-the-scenes videos
  • Video title card treatments
  • Repository of reusable video


“This was a very special project for us, and we felt smashLAB did an incredible job of crafting these videos and telling our story. The individuality and passion of our team at Crescent Spur really shines through.”

—Mark Aubrey; Co-Manager; Crescent Spur Heli-Skiing