illumivision Identity

Success in Spite of Poor Marketing

illumivision creates high-powered LED fixtures for use in architectural lighting and commercial applications. These are no ordinary lights, however—they help turn beautiful buildings into unmistakable icons. Unfortunately, illumivision's marketing failed to deliver this message. This was especially evident in their website, which lacked a distinctive brand personality and often left visitors confused about illumivision's role. As we worked with them, it became increasingly clear that their success was in spite of their existing materials.more

Beauty Can Make a Big Difference

We started by adjusting illumivision's messaging to identify the advantages and value of their products. Then, we developed a stripped down set of design treatments, and set big, bold type against luminous photographs from their impressive image bank. This combination allowed us to convey their core messages while grabbing the viewer's attention.

We also highlighted the effect of well-implemented light, instead of focusing solely on product features. Meanwhile, an intuitive backend system, comprehensive product pages, and an education section added utility and functionality to their website.

Working Backwards

We helped craft the illumivision brand in a somewhat backwards fashion. They first asked us to help with a standalone website, which was so effective that their international sales more than doubled within six months. Following this success, we worked with them to craft a cohesive corporate identity system, rethink their sales collateral, and direct their ongoing marketing strategy, digital media implementation, and online advertising. Since then, we've enjoyed a strong and open relationship with the organization.


illumivision’s wordmark utilizes a simple dot to connote the notion of a viewer’s eye, and the brilliant light it can witness through the organization’s impressive lighting systems. Designed to work easily atop highly colorful backdrops and when etched into product, it utilizes a single channel, typically running in white alone.

Given the range of light that can be created through illumivision systems, we tap the entire color spectrum in their identity system. Typically, it leans toward the warm end of the spectrum, ranging from yellow and orange, to red and magenta. 

The illumivision website showcases recent projects in a homepage carousel that also features key messaging. This is all delivered through a highly usable content management system that allows for easy client-side updates of website information.

illumivision products page
illumivision product detail
illumivision showcase pages
illumivision products

Pictured (from top left, clockwise): category pages describe certain hardware types and provide quick links into key products; product pages provide images, summaries, and links to manuals and spec sheets; visitors are encouraged to witness the product in use, through case studies; project features show the effect to be achieved through the systems.

Collateral relies on the system’s rich color palette pushed through a dotted (lit seeming) pattern, which works in standard and reverse settings equally well. From top left, clockwise: presentation folder; letterhead; business card; mailing label; envelope.

A selection of illumivision materials in use, pictured (from top, down): print advertisements (not afraid of a little double entendre); the presentation folder containing some additional information; the wordmark applied to staff garments.

illumivision brochure
illumivision brochure
illumivision brochure
illumivision brochure

Small introductory booklets help representatives quickly showcase the organization’s work, to interested parties. These employ the standard illumivision dot treatment, gradient fills, remarkable photography, and succinct descriptions of products and past project successes.


  • Consulting, analysis, and planning
  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Creative concept and design direction
  • Website architecture, development, and Flash animation
  • Digital marketing campaigns and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Key Benefits

  • Elevates position to that of a top-shelf manufacturer
  • Clearly differentiated from competitors
  • Adds utility with redesigned support and product pages
  • Affords easy management and catalogue updates
  • Increased international sales dramatically


  • Corporate identity system
  • Custom wordmark
  • General marketing strategy
  • Marketing assets (e.g. display booths, catalogue design)
  • Sales collateral


"Since launching our new website, we have seen as much as a 225% increase in international inquiries and sales year to date ... it has expanded our reach exponentially."