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A Region Filled with Opportunity

The development opportunities found in Northwestern BC (NWBC) are unique to the area, and range from mining to hydroelectricity. The Terrace Economic Development Authority (TEDA) helps companies access these large scale opportunities by connecting them with local talent, goods, and services. The organization's role was often misunderstood, however, which meant they were having difficulty engaging with large corporations. Additionally, TEDA's website failed to convey the scale of projects happening in the region, as well as previous successes.more

Highlight Your Best Features

In order to create a distinctive position that would set Terrace apart from competitive neighboring cities, our underlying concept focused on the notion that "epic opportunities" existed here. In particular, we used expansive images to illustrate the immense scale of operations in the region, while implying that these massive projects were directly tied to Terrace and NWBC.

These huge visuals also allowed us to break from the traditional small town website. Meanwhile, showcasing resident interviews, maps of regional activity, and current successful projects further showcased why corporations should choose Terrace, and work with TEDA.

Carving a Solid Position

Backed up with the most recent statistics and data, the organization's new website effectively conveys the scale of investment in the region, as well as what TEDA can do for corporations and local residents. It also works to effectively position Terrace as the resource hub of NWBC. In the first six months since launching, site traffic has increased by 75% while unique page views have more than doubled. Learn more at teda.ca.


TEDA’s website doesn’t pull any punches. In fact, this likely raises an eyebrow amongst some. Nevertheless, its role is to help bring business to the region, and doing so means attracting those in the resource industry. As a result, this property speaks their language.

TEDA navigation
TEDA navigation

Site navigation works on two key levels. A series of tiles make for highly responsive browsing, and drilling down into content. Once one moves deeper, they can easily step back to any area of the site, through a breadcrumb that contains contextually relevant drop down menus.

The website’s overall presentation is concentrated on industry. As such, site content is centered around the development occurring in the area, presenting case studies on successfully completed projects, and those in progress.

Integrated map functions allow site visitors to gain a clear understanding of the projects underway, and how closely they are situated to Terrace. This is particularly important to TEDA, as it helps illustrate just how near they are, in proximity, to a number of key developments.

TEDA project summary page
TEDA blog post

In an effort to become a voice for the area, and discuss topics of importance to industry and residents, the site provides an array of useful information and resources: from project summaries to opinion pieces on their blog, and even a business directory.

TEDA resident stories
TEDA resident story

Resident stories help round out the presentation, showing some of the individuals who have chosen Terrace as home. In these vignettes, we learn about the personal and professional reasons these residents have for making their choices.


  • Exhaustive discovery process
  • Information Architecture planning
  • Website and microsite development
  • Creative concept and design direction
  • Content creation, photo/copy editing

Key Benefits

  • Distinctive look and feel separates TEDA from their peers
  • Articulates a persuasive value proposition Terrace
  • Effectively communicates TEDA's purpose
  • Offers useful resources, including online directories
  • Large cinematic-style images captivate visitors


  • Concrete5 content management system
  • Interactive map with Google Maps API integration
  • Business services directory/database
  • Integrated blogging platform



"smashLAB went beyond a regular design company and built a website around what my company should be doing, not what we thought we were doing. In doing so, leads are at an all-time high."