Tourism Langley Digital Properties

Two Communities Working as One

Langley, which is comprised of the Township of Langley and the City of Langley, offers an abundance of diverse and authentic experiences, ranging from agri-tourism to heritage and culture (Fort Langley is the birth place of British Columbia, after all). Tourism Langley, which works to promote both areas to visitors, faces competition from a number of neighboring municipalities. Meanwhile, even some locals seem unaware of the vast number of attractions in their own backyard. To remedy this, the DMO called upon smashLAB to help market the destination online

Crafting a Distinct and Memorable Position

To establish a defensible position and effectively differentiate their offering, we encouraged Tourism Langley to embrace a distinctly rural tone. This involved amplifying the rural nature of their product, and using a visual storytelling approach that highlights the rich flavors and textures found there.

This is brought to life through country market-style treatments, hand-crafted details, and diverse but somewhat subdued color palettes. We first applied these themes to their core website. With time, the same approaches were adapted to their mobile site, coupon site (Look at Langley), and blog (The Langley Explorer).

A Brand Built Upon Many Flavors

While many organizations employ a “branding by repetition” approach, Tourism Langley’s digital properties do something a little trickier: each one acts as a distinct property, aligned not through rigid conventions, but instead through common sensibilities. Built upon user-friendly technologies, Tourism Langley is able to keep site updates in house, and cross-pollinate content between all of the properties. These digital properties work together to present the area as a delightful respite from the hectic city, full of rich, family-friendly experiences—all while enabling Tourism Langley to convey a compelling offer and voice all of its own.


Tourism Langley’s homepage features country market-style treatments using illustration and texture to reflect Langley’s rural tone. Large image carousels and vast background landscapes help convey the diversity of settings to be found in Langley.

Tourism Langley Explore section
Tourism Langley Experience section

Supporting pages welcome potential visitors through the use of rich, vibrant blocks of colour and a wide variety of photographs. Additionally, illustrations, decorative badges, and friendly typefaces amplify Langley’s unique offering, and bring unity to the site.

Tourism Langley’s mobile site acts as a distinct property, while taking cues from the core website. Customized watercolor treatments evoke a sense of craft, and reflect the natural characteristics of the destination. Meanwhile, simplified navigation makes it easy for users on the go to access relevant listings data.

The Langley Explorer is a new blog that stands apart from their core website, while cross-pollenating with Tourism Langley’s other digital properties. We helped them shaped a name, editorial calendar, and content strategy, all aimed at encouraging community participation and engagement.

The Langley Explorer header detail
The Langley Explorer illustration detail
The Langley Explorer slider detail
The Langley Explorer navigation detail

This blog also works to reflect the tone found in the other Tourism Langley properties. Material textures, agricultural illustrations, crafted typefaces, and ornamental borders all reflect the artisanal character, and history of Langley.

Look at Langley allows Tourism Langley to work together with local businesses and accommodations in the area. It affords them a means of showcasing deals and packages available to those visiting, and living in, Langley.


  • Strategy and planning for each property
  • Information Architecture and user experience design
  • Creative concept and design direction
  • Websites and mobile site development
  • Testing, review, deployment, and training

Key Benefits

  • Establishes a unique, defensible position
  • Promotes a diverse blend of tourism products
  • Optimized experience for mobile users
  • Allows for creation of topical content
  • Offers site creates value for stakeholders


  • Content managed website 
  • Database of local businesses and attractions
  • Mobile version accessible to those on the go
  • Wordpress powered blog
  • Wordpress powered offers site


“The new site captures the essence of Langley and the rich experiences one can expect when visiting the region. Its functionality allows us to create strong relationships with potential visitors, existing residents, and our stakeholders.”

—Deborah Kulchiski; Tourism Langley