Indulge in Vancouver Campaign

Introducing a City’s Luxurious Side

Amidst the variety of outdoor and cultural activities, Vancouver also offers a host of venues and activities for those looking for a more lavish experience. Following the success of the Culture in Vancouver campaign, Tourism Vancouver felt it was time to start promoting this luxurious side, while encouraging longer stays. They also wanted to continue building up Vancouver’s cultural profile to travellers in close markets, such as Portland, Seattle, and Calgary.more

Tempting Visitors with a One-of-a-Kind Offer

To help Tourism Vancouver achieve these objectives, we developed a campaign, targeting a niche segment of luxury travellers. Our creative concept focused on encouraging this group to indulge in Vancouver, with the finest hotels offering unique packages, based on a three-night stay. Through detailed illustrations, we applied an ornate, high-end feel to the campaign assets and used beautiful visuals to entice visitors. 

We also filmed on location at special venues throughout the city, to create an introductory video and 15-second television spot, portraying a side of Vancouver only a few select travellers get to experience.

Reinforcing the Message through Multiple Channels 

Through a mix of digital and traditional ads, Indulge in Vancouver introduces and reinforces the city’s luxurious side to audiences across the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. The microsite not only integrates a booking engine, but also showcases the offer, participating hotels, and upcoming events. The lavish and—even delightful—packages feature many of the city’s best and most exclusive restaurants, spas, and activities. Together, these pieces work to offer a rich, exciting, and sensory experience for users, and position the city as both a cultural and luxurious travel destination.


This campaign is designed to highlight Vancouver’s extravagant side. Consequently, the images needed to feel rich, sensory, and sophisticated. Photographs were shot on location throughout the city, with locations ranging from the penthouse suite at the Wedgewood Hotel & Spa to Holt Renfrew. Meanwhile, ornate details and flourishes add a luxurious feel.

Display ads focus on portraying a diverse range of indulgent activities, such as dining, shopping, spa visits, and the like. They also work to communicate the limited time nature of the hotel packages on offer, while setting a rich, moody, dreamy, feel.

Two motion pieces were created to promote the campaign. Each highlights a variety of settings and activities, taking the viewer through a day of decadence, from morning to night. The 30 second piece is used online and embedded in the microsite, whereas, a shorter 15 second version is utilized in television spots.

Draftsman-like architectural illustrations were hand-drawn for each participating hotel and subsequently used in the website and collateral. These help convey a sense of craft, care, and consistency across the properties.

The microsite functions as both a means of seducing visitors with the possibility of a one-of-a-kind stay, and a way to reserve a hotel. A responsive design approach allows it to adapt to any screen size, be it desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Additionally, an anchored navigation bar allows users to move easily through the site.

Indulge in Vancouver hotel page
Indulge in Vancouver packages page
Indulge in Vancouver event webpage
Indulge in Vancouver event page

Hotel pages featuring package details make use of non-conventional layouts, as well as a concierge service that allows bookings to be made via toll-free number. All hotel packages are grouped into three distinct categories: Cultivate (culture); Luxuriate (spas); and Satiate (dining). The microsite also emphasizes cultural events in Vancouver—at the bottom of each Event page, a handful of hotels are chosen at random to entice users to visit a package details page.


  • Campaign strategy and planning
  • Creative concept and asset production
  • Microsite UX, design, development
  • Copywriting, advertising, and media buy
  • Video production and post

Key Benefits

  • Introduces Vancouver as a luxury travel destination
  • Reaches a niche target audience of travellers
  • Ability to book directly through the microsite
  • Created a supply of beautiful and unique visuals
  • Articulates Vancouver’s premium travel offering


  • Microsite with booking widget
  • Introductory video
  • Digital ads (display, text)
  • Traditional ad (TV – 15 second spot)
  • Blogger outreach/content


"The site is really beautiful, from the home page, to the hotel pages, to the events. Thanks to everyone at smashLAB who put in time on this."